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给梅尔一个重振雅虎的机会 Give Mayer a chance to make Yahoo work

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  本文摘要:In her three years as head of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer has made a lot of people extremely rich. Start with Dan Loeb, the hedge fund manager who spied an opportunity in the lumbering tech giant and began buying its shares and agitating for chan


In her three years as head of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer has made a lot of people extremely rich. Start with Dan Loeb, the hedge fund manager who spied an opportunity in the lumbering tech giant and began buying its shares and agitating for change in 2011. He led a campaign to force out Scott Thompson, then chief executive, and brought in Ms Mayer, one of Silicon Valley’s hottest executives. By 2013, when Mr Loeb’s Third Point sold its position, the fund had netted $1bn.在力挽狂澜雅虎(Yahoo)的三年里,梅里莎蔠尔(Marissa Mayer)让很多人赚得盆剩钵盈。第一个是对冲基金经理丹勒布(Dan Loeb)。他在这个步履蹒跚的科技巨头身上找到了机会,2011年开始购入雅虎的股票,并敦促雅虎进行改革。

他领导了一场运动,被迫时任首席执行官斯科特搠湬森(Scott Thompson)辞职,使硅谷最炙手可热的高管之一梅尔接掌了雅虎。到2013年,当勒布旗下的Third Point基金售出雅虎股票时,这家基金赚入了10亿美元。Then there is David Karp, who sold his blogging platform, Tumblr, to Yahoo in 2013 for $1.1bn. Mr Karp, who was 27 at the time, owned 25 per cent of the company, so made a cool $275m. Nick D’Aloisio was just 17 when Yahoo bought his news-reading app, Summly, for $30m. He recently left the company to focus on his degree at Oxford.接着就是大卫愠湓(David Karp),2013年他以11亿美元把自己的博客平台Tumblr卖给了雅虎。

当年卡普27岁,享有Tumblr 25%的股权,所以他整整赚了2.75亿美元。当雅虎以3000万美元并购尼克德洛伊西奥(Nick D Aloisio)的新闻读者应用于Summly时,他才17岁。

不久前,他离开了雅虎,专心在牛津大学(Oxford)修读学位。Shareholders who bought Yahoo the day before Ms Mayer became chief executive and held on to it have seen the value of their shares more than double, despite a recent fall. If you had held the SP 500, you would have earned a mere 55 per cent return over the same period. If you had owned Apple, you would have a made a comparably measly 35 per cent return.有些股东在梅尔沦为首席执行官前一天购入雅虎股票并仍然持有人,他们手中股票的价值上涨了一倍多,尽管近来有所暴跌。

如果你同期持有人标普500指数(SP 500),那么你仅有能取得55%的报酬。如果你同期持有人苹果(Apple)股票,那么你的回报率相对而言较低得真是,只有35%。

Any other chief executive might be celebrated for that kind of performance. Not Ms Mayer. Early on it was all Vogue photo shoots and praise for one of the few women to scale the peaks of the tech industry. Then she was attacked for insisting employees no longer work from home. Now she is under attack for all the confusion surrounding Yahoo’s strategy — primarily its plans to spin off its stake in Alibaba, the Chinese ecommerce start-up — and her own pay.若是换作其他首席执行官,获得这样的业绩也许不会受到赞美。但梅尔没。



如今,她因雅虎战略——主要是挤压所所持中国电商创业企业阿里巴巴(Alibaba)股份的计划——引发的疑惑和她本人的薪酬受到反击。She walked into the job from Google, having amassed an estimated $300m in her brief career. In 2013 her Yahoo pay including stock awards and options was $24.9m, and in 2014 it reached $42m, mostly thanks to Yahoo’s then rising share price. All quite normal for companies of Yahoo’s size.她就是指谷歌(Google)跳槽至雅虎的,在很短的任职期间之后赚到到了大约3亿美元。

2013年,雅虎缴纳给她的薪酬(还包括股票奖励和期权)为2490万美元,在2014年,主要归功于当时雅虎股价下跌,她的薪酬超过4200万美元。对于雅虎这种规模的公司而言,这一切是非常长时间的。The question is what exactly she did to earn it. For all of her dizzying plate-spinning, buying, selling and hiring, it is not clear that Ms Mayer has done much to improve Yahoo. It remains tucked in behind Google, Facebook and YouTube as one of the most visited websites in the world. But rather like AOL, it is considered a service stuck in internet dark ages. It is what grandma uses to look up the weather. It is not for Snapchatting teenagers. And it is not what investors crave most of all: the prospect of growth.问题在于,她究竟做到了什么赚这一切。



雅虎也不具备投资者最渴求的特征:快速增长前景。Fortunately, Yahoo has been the beneficiary of an extraordinary investment made by Jerry Yang, founder and former chief executive. In 2005 he bought a $1bn stake in Alibaba — a stake now worth $31bn. But now Yahoo and its investors are like a family bickering over the corpse of a wealthy relative. What to do with this windfall? The US tax authorities are refusing to make it simple; so, instead of trying to enhance Yahoo’s products to catch up with Facebook and Google, Ms Mayer is spending her time figuring out what kind of legal and corporate contortions will realise the best return for the Alibaba stake and clear the air around the core business.幸运地的是,雅虎仍然获益于其创始人、前首席执行官杨定远(Jerry Yang)所做到的一项卓越投资。



For engineers such as Ms Mayer, simplicity is highly coveted. And Yahoo is anything but simple. It remains a blur of services and assets of wildly different value. It is hard to get a handle on exactly what it has. Those 1bn monthly active users — are they right ones? That $5bn of revenue — is it growing? For the right management team, there is plenty of cash to acquire and invest.梅尔这样的工程师十分崇尚修改。但雅虎的缺点就是过分繁杂。它依然是一个价值迥异的服务与资产的模糊不清人组。


We need to get over Ms Mayer’s pay cheque. She has been paid for taking the job in the first place. Those options grants were the Smarties required to hire her. Mr Loeb and Yahoo’s other investors have been more than handsomely rewarded by her decision to join the company and fire up the stock. What she now deserves is a chance to operate its core internet businesses, and the sooner the better. Only then can we hope to tell whether she is worth it.我们要解读梅尔的巨额薪酬。她获得如此低的薪酬是因为她在一开始拒绝接受了这一职位。颁发她的期权是为了聘请她而必需给她的“彩虹糖”。





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